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One Sky

We all live under One Sky. No matter where we are born, the color of our skin, our gender, what conditions we find ourselves in, what fortunes or misfortunes befall us, we all yearn to love and be loved. We are all members of a family, we raise children, we experience heartbreak and disappointment, and whether conscious or not, we share the same essential yearning to discover what constitutes a fulfilling life. Life yearns for the realization of its own potential. This drama plays itself out again and again in each human incarnation, in every personal story. No matter where we find ourselves, we all look up and see the sky, and we are all called to discover what it means to be fully human.

Becoming Human

turn your suffering into wisdom

The process of becoming human is magnificent and monstrous, and everything in-between. When we accept and embrace this truth, all our experiences, no matter how painful, demanding, or disappointing, serve our evolution. Every challenge we face helps us realize our potential. We naturally embrace, accept, and include the experiences we enjoy, the aspects of ourselves that our parents embraced, and those emotions that make us feel good. Yet, what most determines our experience of our relationship with ourselves and others, is how we relate to what has been previously rejected, to what seems dark, primitive, and uncivilized within us.

Whatever we don’t own within our psyche, owns us. Are we honest with ourselves? Do we acknowledge these exiled aspects of our experience, or do we knowingly and unknowingly lie to ourselves and others? Are we endlessly imagining ourselves to be what we are not? When we do this, we miss the deeper beauty and brilliance that lies in embracing and experiencing all that we are. Our inherent wholeness can only be found in fully facing all that we encounter, both within and without, along this human journey. When we are afraid of or reject any part of ourselves, we become afraid of and reject each other. We cannot stand to relate to anything outside that has been rejected inside. Becoming human is the possibility of reclaiming it all, of accepting it all, of leaving nothing and no one out.


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