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Cindy's compassion, experience and techniques weave together the most unique experience I have ever had in counseling/therapy.

She is an exceptional facilitator; her ability to support us in opening up to our true pain, hurt, desires and beliefs, while also providing us with information to understand more about the human condition, allowed us to come back together as a couple. 

-K., Bozeman MT

Cindy Leavitt, M.S.W

Cindy Leavitt is deeply versed in attachment theory, developmental psychology, experiential psychodynamic theory and practice and traditional wisdom regarding the fulfillment of human potential. She brings rigorous clinical training, hard-won personal insight, and a penetrating view of the human condition to her work with clients from a wide variety of backgrounds.


Cindy attended Harvard University before completing her undergraduate degree at Stanford University. After graduating from Stanford, Cindy lived in Jerusalem, Israel for five years and experienced firsthand the benefits and challenges of living in a traditional culture. Upon returning to the U.S., she completed a Master’s Degree at The Wurzweiller School of Social Work in New York City.


Cindy has been involved in psycho-education and therapeutic practice for over twenty years. She works with parents, educators, and mental health professionals providing parent consulting, individual and couples counseling, leading groups, and offering parent education and professional development in a variety of settings. Her post graduate professional training and experience includes the following:


  • From 2006-2013, Cindy worked closely with Dr. Gordon Neufeld of Vancouver, B.C., one of the world’s leading interpreters of the developmental paradigm, where she received intensive training in his attachment based developmental approach to making sense of children. Cindy was one of a handful of founding faculty members of The Neufeld Institute.

  • From 2014-2017, Cindy completed a three-year core training in Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP) with Jon Frederickson, an award-winning author and world renown experiential psychodynamic therapist at the Washington School of Psychiatry in Washington, D.C. She is currently involved in an advanced training group with Jon to further hone her individual therapeutic skills.

  • Cindy is currently undergoing training in The Developmental Model of Couples Therapy with Dr. Ellyn Bader and The Couples Institute. She is also a member of Dr. Bader and her husband Pete Pearson’s Master Mentoring Program.

Parallel to her professional experience, Cindy has engaged a deeply personal process of commitment to her own growth and development. As team captain for Stanford’s NCAA Championship Women’s Tennis team, she had an early reference for the rewards offered by steady, one-pointed discipline. She brought a similar level of focus to her subsequent training in traditional forms of meditation and study and continues to apply herself with that same dedication to her own personal therapy and spiritual practice. 

Cindy’s integration of her extensive and rigorous training in parent consulting and education, and couples and individual therapy, combined with her personal practice and experience with traditional wisdom teachings forms an approach that is both timeless and contemporary.  

Her long-term commitment to the process of personal development allows her to speak from direct experience, creating a safe and inviting sanctuary for clients and workshop participants to deepen their own process of growth.

This is the process of learning how to feel.

The storm inside does not wish to devour you,

it is trying to teach you the form you've become.

                                                          -Adin Leavitt

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I was introduced to Cindy and her work through a mutual friend, and, simply put, working with Cindy has given me relief from childhood pain and trauma, the tools to regain peace and strength when I am feeling emotionally challenged, and allow the power of self love and compassion to be in the driver's seat of my life. 

-C., Hawaii

The quality of our relationships determine the quality of our lives.
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