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I initially called Cindy when my marriage was in jeopardy. After years of doing our same old thing, my husband and I were hurting too much to see our own responsibility in the deterioration of our union. Working with Cindy absolutely saved our marriage. We sat together, witnessed our individual heartaches and breakthroughs, and stayed committed to the process. Cindy held us each accountable, in the most kind and non-judgemental ways, and we blossomed.

-C., Hawaii

If you would have told me 6 years ago I would be grateful for my suffering I wouldn’t have believed you. I found Cindy in the midst of crisis - complete implosion of my family and my relationship. My sessions with Cindy felt like oxygen to keep me upright and functioning in the height of the chaos and pain. Cindy navigated my husband and I through some of our darkest moments as a couple and as individuals.

-Couples Counseling Client, Bozeman, MT

Couples Therapy

Our intimate relationships are the treasure chests of our lives. We invest so much of ourselves; our hopes, our dreams, our visions for the life we want to create in the promise of finding someone to love and depend on. When we give our heart to another in a committed relationship, our deepest wounds often get triggered, making their way from our depths to the surface in search of healing. So begins the journey and challenge of intimate relationships; a journey in which these inevitable challenges can either be a problem or a possibility. When we embrace the challenges that intimate relationship bring and see them as an invitation for our own growth, we not only begin to heal one another of the wounds we carry, but we also discover the joy of realizing our own potential as human beings who have a profound capacity for love. - Cindy

Cindy has extensive experience guiding couples through the daunting and invigorating process of deep growth. Her training in the Bader-Pearson Developmental Model for Couples enables her to help you see where your relationship has become stuck and to assist you in finding the way through to a more fulfilling life, whether that be together or apart. Cindy uses this model for couples work to tailor her interventions to where your developmental impasse is, thereby maximizing your possibility for success in making the necessary changes, both as individuals and as a couple, so that your relationship can thrive. Cindy integrates the developmental model for couples with her training in attachment theory, psychodynamic psychotherapy, and traditional wisdom teachings to form an approach that is comprehensive and flexible.

Well-versed in challenges ranging from ongoing tension and lack of connection to outright hostility, marital infidelity, overwhelm in the face of the demands of children and the logistics of the business of relationship, her work with couples focuses on the lasting fulfillment that comes from realizing one’s developmental potential. The starting point is to truly accept ourselves, our mates, and the circumstances of our lives as they are. With this foundation, the circumstances of our life can serve as catalysts for reinventing your relationship, a learning process that is enlivening, enriching, and downright exciting.

"When you can speak truthfully about difficult things and find the truth in strong disagreements, you will feel more confident that you can handle just about anything. This is the substance of extraordinary, enduring marriages: the passion, tenderness, and generosity that can only emerge when two people have achieved a high level of mutual honesty."


                  -Ellyn Bader & Pete Pearson/The Couples Institute

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Couples Therapy
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