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Raising children is a call from life to provide another human being with the conditions they need to realize their potential. When we respond to this call, often having to dig deep inside ourselves to discover capacities we didn’t know we had, not only do we fulfill our shared human longing to give our children what they truly need; we also embark upon one of the most powerful paths to transcending our childhood wounds and realizing our own potential. - Cindy

Cindy offers parent consulting in person, by phone, and through HIPPA compliant video conference via the Internet.  


In these private sessions, Cindy helps clients regain their confidence and dignity as mothers and fathers by providing the insight they need to understand their child from the inside out. She works closely with clients to protect and restore their child's attachment, address problem behaviors, and unlock their child's developmental potential. Cindy supports you at each step to put new insights into practice and, over time, to shift the context of the relationship into alignment with developmental needs and underlying intuition.

Cindy found Dr. Neufeld's Attachment Based Developmental Approach in 2005. "I felt utterly lost in my own parenting journey, and this work firmly planted me on the life long path of becoming the mother my children need. Over ten years of applying this approach in the trenches of raising my own three children has revealed both my most vulnerable weaknesses and greatest strengths. This approach has shown me, over and over again, the redemptive power for myself and my children, of knowing I must be my child's best bet and digging deep to become the parent they need. "

Cindy has extensive experience helping parents and teachers address topics of aggression, alarm, dominance, and sensitivity and works with her clients to effectively resolve the problems in relationship with their children:​

  • Defiance

  • Battling for the lead

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Insecurity

  • Aggression

  • Sibling Rivalry

  • Parental separation and divorce

  • Attention issues

  • School challenges

  • Bullying

  • Giftedness

  • Trauma

"A child may not know what direction he is going, but when he is attached to you he doesn't feel lost."

                                                              -Gordon Neufeld

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Our boy had turned into stone when we came to you.  I swear, you appeared like an angel.  K and I were scared to death.  Your words gave us courage.  You have this fierce simplicity, this ability to cut to the essence. It is a super-power.  You taught two panicked people how to slow down and focus, how to keep in the beam of love, no matter what.  I daresay that you could change the world, parent by parent."                                           

-K., Seattle

Parent Consulting

Growing Our Children Up, Growing Ourselves Up

 Always, after a parenting session with Cindy, we come away feeling like we can do this - we can raise kind, compassionate children and not lose our minds in the process! Her understanding of child psychology has provided profound insight into our children's development, and she has given us priceless advice on how best to move forward raising children with grace, compassion and patience.

-K., Hawaii

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