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Village Matters

Raising our children is one of the most important and fulfilling endeavors we do. Due to the growing failure of our culture to preserve our children's attachment to the adults responsible for them, it has also become one of the most challenging.

We all could use the help that only a village can provide.

Village Matters is a dynamic parenting group in which Cindy Leavitt, M.S.W., parent consultant and former founding faculty of the Neufeld Institute, will teach aspects of Dr. Neufeld's Attachment Based Developmental Approach to raising children, answer questions to help you apply the presented material to your situation, and facilitate discussion with a small group of adults committed to providing the conditions the children in their care need to thrive.

spring 2018,Module 3: 

Addressing Aggression

Transforming Tantrums through Tears

As more and more children attempt to take charge with their parents and As more and more senseless acts of violence capture our attention and break our hearts, we are confronted with the fact that aggression is on the rise, not only in the media, but also in our homes and schools. There are few behaviors more alienating than a child’s aggression, and as such, our instinctive responses often make things worse. To effectively deal with aggression, we must be able to look past the violating behaviors, understand the underlying emotions and instincts which fuel these behaviors, and see what is lacking in a child’s functioning and development that leads them to erupt in aggression when up against the inevitable frustrations and disappointments life has in store for all of us.


When we discover the keys to dealing with aggression, we are more equipped to help our children experience their frustration and anger in healthy and non-violating ways. This module of Village Matters will help you address aggression at the root of the problem so that you can create the conditions needed for your children to face life’s futilities and become changed by what they cannot change, thereby becoming resourceful and resilient human beings. The cultivation of these qualities in your children not only make life easier for everyone involved, they are also essential to overcoming adversity and finding creative solutions to problems, capacities that we all need now more than ever.

Monday Nights

March 26

April 9 & 23

May 7

6:00 pm-8:00 pm

Cold Smoke Coffeehouse Meeting Room 

64 Willow Peak Drive (Off Huffine)

Bozeman Montana


Village Matters takes place in modules consisting of four 2 hour sessions over the course of two months. Each module will focus on a specific theme so that we can go into depth regarding both the theory and application of the chosen topic. You are welcome to bring your most pressing parenting issues to the group. Cindy will make sense of and help equip you to deal with the problem you are facing in a way that will relate to the theme, as well as be generalized for everyone's benefit.  Village Matters will be held at the Cold Smoke Coffee House Community Meeting Room (Woodland Park Location) in a casual but private setting where you may warmly gather together, have a coffee and sandwich, and create a little more Viilage for yourself and others. Welcome!

"We need to hold onto our children until our work is done. We need to hold on not for selfish purposes, but so they can venture forth, not to hold them back, but so they can fulfill their developmental destinies. We need to hold onto them until they can hold onto themselves."

                                                              -Gordon Neufeld

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Village Matters
Module 3
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