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Cindy is currently on sabatical through 2024

Healing Through Relationship

We are creatures of connection.

It is in relationship that we are wounded.

It is through relationship that we are healed.

Cindy Leavitt Psychotherapist
Cindy Leavitt, L.C.S.W

"Love, affection, and acceptance are not luxury items. Without them we do not thrive and are not able to offer our gifts to the world. Our collective focus on the pursuit of material wealth has made these essentials more elusive than ever, and the famine is often most severe within our own psyche. I do what I do to help myself and the people I work with grow in our capacity to offer more love, more affection, and more acceptance to ourselves, our partners, and our children, thereby helping heal each other and the world so that we can offer the gifts that only we can offer." 

Cindy offers parent consultation, individual, and couples therapy, both in person and on- line through HIPPA compliant video conferencing services.
She lives in Cortez, Colorado with her life partner, along with various four legged creatures.
Cindy Leavitt
About Cindy
Couples Therapy

Fulfilling Partnership:

your problems

are the path.

Neufeld Parent Consulting

Fulfilling Parenthood:

growing our children up,

growing ourselves up.

Individual Therapy

Fulfilling Potential:

turn your suffering

into gold.

Devoting the whole of Life's ardor

in the same way we devote ourselves to our own children

to all of the circumstances and people we encounter in our lives

is precisely how we shall find the true meaning of life.


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