Healing Through Relationship

February 12, 2018

Healing Through Relationship


Relationship is what changes us. Relationship is what tests us. It brings us to or knees, revealing our deepest wounds and most closely guarded secrets. Relationship elevates and intoxicates us. Relationship is the bread and water of the psyche. Without it we do not thrive. It is the soil in the garden of life in which we plant ourselves and grow.


The quality of this soil, the quality of our relationships, is what determines how deep our roots will descend into the security of life, and how fully we will grow into our human potential.  It is the container within which we evolve from a defended, wounded person to a vulnerable, whole human being. In relationship we experience the miraculous expression of the full range of being human, living and breathing and expressing itself through this specific form which we call ourselves. It is in the container of our day to day relationships that we become fully human, that our deepest wounds can heal, that we transform the lead inside us to gold.




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